Advancing HealthTech for all

Insulet envisions a world where advanced medical technology and diabetes education is obtainable to all people living with the disease. We aim to advocate for and invest in the global diabetes community, working to reduce health barriers and disparities. Equitable access to diabetes care should be commonplace.

A man showing his Omnipod while prepping a meal in his kitchen A man showing his Omnipod while prepping a meal in his kitchen
A woman smiling and posing in her yard A woman smiling and posing in her yard

Affordability and accessibility

We strongly believe that the cost of medical devices should not create undue burden on families managing diabetes or prevent people from accessing care that may improve their health. As diabetes technology is rapidly advancing, we work to ensure policies are in place on the national and international level to support acceleration to market and increase accessibility.

Restrictions on coverage that impact accessibility persist in many countries, regardless of health care system design. We strive to offer innovative options that enable greater access to our products. We offer a Financial Assistance Program in the U.S. and help our customers navigate the process. We also collaborate with global government agencies and health organizations to promote an approach that offers value to healthcare systems in both the short and long term.

Learn about our Financial Assistance Program.

Expanding our reach

We strive to break down barriers to Pod therapy. As we continue to innovate and advance our medical devices, we seek to make Pod therapy globally and universally accessible to people with diabetes requiring insulin. We will aim to expand our reach among underserved communities globally through effective outreach, targeted education, and inclusive research.

Insulet is expanding understanding and access of Pod therapy to Spanish-speaking communities with the development of a positive Omnipod customer experience entirely in Spanish.

Two women prepping a meal Two women prepping a meal


As an employee and a Podder, I am proud of Insulet’s commitment to improve the quality of life and clinical outcomes of people with diabetes. We advocate for access to the latest innovations in medical technology, including automated insulin delivery as a global standard-of-care therapy.

Carolyn Sleeth, Senior Vice President, Global Commercial Capabilities and U.S. General Manager, and Podder